Backyard Concert with Jeffrey Foucault

A few days before I left for Africa a good friend of mine, who you may recognize (from these photos), asked me if I wanted to attend a private Jeffrey Foucault concert that he was hosting at his house! I didn't care what I had planned that day, those plans were getting moved. The no-brainer answer led me to a night that me and Lindsey will seriously never forget. 

Jeffrey Foucault is one of my top 3 favorite singer/song writers of all time. I've been listing to Jeffrey for a good 9 years and my love for his song writing has only grown. He rarely makes it to the West coast, so I would have attended any of his few concerts, but in my good friend's backyard, with 20 people! I was kind of ecstatic. 

Here are a few quotes that better explain why I love his writing subject matter and singing style so much. For me, it's like art for the mind, or the beautiful transition of seasons encapsulated in words, or the essence of true Americana and the fading memory of what what our nation once held near to heart.

So, on a warm Indian summer night, we sat in Chad's backyard of our states capital and got to be part of a pretty special night; arm around my wife, warm breeze, epic home brew, good friends and timeless music and words that will linger in the air much longer than the fleeting temperate breeze of this changing season. 

As we transition info autumn here in Northern California, I urge you to sit, and take in the season. Read more. Get outside. Be present. Love those around you. Cherish what you have, not worry what you don't. 


“Foucault’s voice, and his themes, are gruff, sombre, and deep, and his accompanying musicians, including the Pretenders’ Eric Heywood, on pedal steel, create a sparse, dramatic soundscape.”


“Beautiful and often chilling… a mighty powerful piece of work”


“One of the best albums of the year... there’s nothing derivative about Foucault's haunting allusions… the fundamental truths that emerge are undeniable… a harmonious minimalist sound. ”