Nowhere Land | Feature Story for Foreign Policy Magazine

It's been a very long time coming for my writing partner David Conrad and I, but our Algeria project has published today. The logistical challenge of getting into southern Algeria and embedding with their counterterrorism special forces was nearly as challenging as actually getting a project of this scale published. 

We've been working closely with Foreign Policy Magazine on this project and story, and their editors have coined this as one of their most "important stories we've ever published". 

Both David and I are very proud of the story the work. Southern Algeria, is considered one of the most difficult-to-access places in the World and the refugee situation and the ongoing conflict in the region to be amongst the most under-covered stories of the last 3 decades. 30 plus years of little-to-no reporting from this region has made even seasoned editors need use Wikipedia for a refresher on UN's second longest refugee caseload.

Check out over a year of hard work, great risk, and a lot of sand in places you didn't know you could get it, over at the FP site. Tell your friends! 150,000 refugees living in the middle of the desert since 1973.