Exposure #2 - South Sudan

Location: Rock City, South Sudan 4.844720, 31.555762

My Gear: Nikon D4, Nikon 35mm f/2 w/ 2 stop ND Grad

Camera Settings: ISO 320, 1/800 at f/13

Year: 2013

Getting There: I planned on visiting a remote cattle camp village that I'd last visited in 2007. I had tried to get back to this place multiple times since. . Getting to South Sudan is never easy or cheap. Once I finally arrived to Juba, South Sudan my logistics quickly fell through. I was basically stuck in the capital with out an easy way to get 'up-country'. Easter weekend didn't help planning matters either. 

I also utilized connections to get a free flight from Kenya up to Juba with a large aid organization, which meant I was on the schedule of their flight mandate in and out of South Sudan. So I could have forced it to get up to the village I needed to be in, but it would have cost a lot of cash and potentially bumped me from my return flight. In reality, it was a very small window to do a lot in a remote area. 

Instead, Juba - the World's newest capital - was flourishing and I shifted my plans to capture the changes there. So I dumped my plans and tried to capitalize my time while revisiting Juba markets and construction sites (to see and hear about economic growth) and seeing old friends. 

On the outskirts of Juba, is an area called "Rock City". I headed out there, where this photo was taken. It's a little micro-economy where families gather large boulders and break them down, by hand with a hammer and chisel, into very small pieces, that will eventually be bought by local cement manufacturers and local contractors. The smaller the rock the better the pay. About $1.80 per day at best. 

What the photo doesn't show you: It was shot from riding on the back of a moving motorcycle. I spent the whole afternoon riding around on the back of a friends motorcycle as he and I explored the rapid growth. 

Once the amazing light faded away, we headed to a nearby shisha and tea house to catch up with some friends.