Buried in Dandora Print | 36 x 24

PRINT: Printed on ultra-high quality Fuji Pearl Archive. 

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is actual photographic paper that is exposed with a digital enlarger and processed in RA-4 chemistry. It a favorite of demanding professional photographers because of its superb renderings of the colors of nature: blues, greens, and reds; its familiar surface texture; and it has the longest display life of any RA-4 photo paper. 

Less than 5km (two miles) from central Nairobi lie the smouldering mountains of rubbish thrown away by the residents and businesses of the Kenyan capital. Dandora is one of Africa's largest dumping and scavenging grounds. Every day thousands of slum dwellers try to eke out a living. This man took nearly three hours to fill his last bag of the day—and he hopes to sell the contents, which are mostly scraps of rubber, for $0.50 (£0.30)

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Please note that I am doing this at cost. My normal print rate for this size is anywhere from $900 - $1,800 for a print. All that I ask is that you consider giving through the my partner organization that has come along my side to bridge the gap with community needs. 

Note our conversation, that this was produced 3 years after my original story & brought the non-profit and their key leaders with me to Kenya to develop relationships with my Nairobi based network after years of work in the region. 

This project was originally funded on behalf of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and went on to win World Press Photo and National Geographic photo awards. To learn more about the project and read published articles, click here. 



Lastly, feel free to read the follow-up story of when Micah when back to Dandora for the first time to find "the woman in the photo."