Death Valley | Super Bloom

We had already planned to be in Death Valley because Norah had a weeklong school break and February is an ideal time there. We were hearing roomers that there was a fabled "super bloom" about to happen in North Americas driest, hottest and lowest elevation area, but by no means, did we time it to be perfect. 

The national park is known for its stark, rugged beauty and extreme contrasts. It's one of the the driest places in North America. With only about 2 inches of rain annually, the lower park elevations — where the bloom started — are typically a landscape of salt flats, sand dunes and rocky mountains vegetated by a few hardy shrubs and small trees.

So thanks to El Nino rains back in October, our arrival in February of a "once every 25 years" super bloom was a giant surprise and gift for or family and a memory we will not forget. 

Fall Camping in the Eastern Sierra

I've spent most of my life exploring and getting lost in these back roads and climbing deep into these mountains; makes me thrilled to pass on what can only be learned through trial and error - but mostly error though.

We great conditions, including getting hit with the first storm of the season. 

Norah took one of me cooking dinner. 

Norah took one of me cooking dinner.